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Narrow Your Results By Category When Searching, Plus - Fly through the My StampWants Area with FireFox

   Narrow Your Results By Category When Searching
1) Narrow Your Results By Category When Searching
2) New Category Selection Method
3) FireFox 3 Beta 5 – The Fastest Browser Ever! Fly through the New My StampWants Area
4) Spotlight on StampWants Sellers - MomenStamps
5) StampHall Weekly Auction - Closing April 15
6) StampWants Consignments
7) Featured Items
8) Recently Bid On
9) Monthly Giveaway Items for April

1) Narrow Your Results By Category When Searching

We've introduced a helpful feature available when searching on Once you search for an item, you can then narrow your results down by category. A moment after the search results page loads, you'll notice the “Narrow Your Results” side box appear on the left. This will show you which categories contain items matching your results, and the exact amount of matching items in each category.

If you click on any of the “Narrow Your Results” categories, and that category has sub-categories, you'll then be able to narrow your results further by sub-category.

2) New Category Selection Method

As continues to grow, more categories and sub-categories are added. As a result when specifying which category to search in, the drop down menu has become a little overwhelming, with around a thousand categories and sub-categories in all! What makes this more complicated is that you can't always see which main category or even main sub-category you are in, making finding specific sub-categories confusing because when listing all the categories and sub-categories in a row, they can't all be in alphabetical order.

To address this problem we've replaced the category selection drop down menu with a pop-up box containing a tired category selection, where you first pick your main category, then sub-category and so forth. Making it easy to find the category or sub-category you want. You can select a specific sub-category to search in that sub-category only, or at any time search in the currently selected category and all sub-categories (by clicking the appropriately named button at the bottom of the pop-up box).

This should help most people better search on our site, and easily specify the category in which to search in. However, we want to make sure this is accessible to all of our members, including those with older Internet browsers (see our newsletter entry below) or dial-up connections. If you experience any trouble, or have any comments, please join us in the Announcements Forum on for discussion.

We're also thinking of changing the way this works to keep the drop down menu, but only show the 15 or so main categories (United States is now a Main Category). And then have an option at the bottom of the drop down menu “More/Sub Categories...”, which when clicked would launch the pop-up box tiered selection. Please feel free to stop by the forums and let us know what you think!

3) FireFox 3 Beta 5 – The Fastest Browser Ever! Fly through the New My StampWants Area

At, we recommend that all users use FireFox over Internet Explorer. FireFox is a more accurate, secure and faster browser, even compared to Internet Explorer v7. With the release of FireFox 3 Beta 5 last week, the speed of the browser has doubled! Of course, you'll still be limited by your Internet connection speed, but pages, especially ones which use javascript will load much, much faster than Internet Explorer v6 or v7.

We recommend that if you use FireFox, you upgrade to version 3 Beta 5, and if you use Internet Explorer, you give it a try. You can download it from this page:

In particular the New My StampWants area relies on javascript, so if you use Internet Explorer and the pages seem to load a little slow, we definitely recommend trying FireFox 3 Beta 5. Compared to Internet Explorer v6 the pages should load 4-6 times faster, and compared the Internet Explorer v7 2-3 faster, so it can make a big difference, especially if you have an old computer.

4) Spotlight on StampWants Sellers - MomenStamps   [ Visit This Seller's Store ]

5) StampHall Weekly Auction - Closing April 15   

StampHall Weekly Auction - Closing April 15
Auctions Start Closing: Apr. 15, 2008 19:30:00 EST

StampHall Weekly Auction - Closing April 15
3 days, 3h 
Lot # 711161
#116 /Used Steamship fancy cancel
3 days, 3h 
Lot # 711222
#227 XF/Used (CV$25)
3 days, 3h 
Lot # 712431
Germany B316-17 FVF/U (CV$138)
3 days, 3h 
Lot # 712476
Germany - Berlin 9N79 VF/U (CV$16)
3 days, 3h 
Lot # 712652
Belgium B495-97 VF/LH (CV$42)
3 days, 3h 
Lot # 713081
Brazil 28 VF/U (CV$90)
3 days, 3h 
Lot # 713352
#534 VF/H (CV$60) block of 4
3 days, 3h 
Lot # 713421
#656 VF/NH LINE PAIR (CV$110)

6) StampWants Consignments   [ Visit This Seller's Store ]

7) Featured Items   [ View All ]

8) Recently Bid On   [ View All ]

9) Monthly Giveaway Items for April